Our story so far

My Forex Funds turned into founded in July of 2020 with the goal of turning into the main Prop Trading Firm.Our first account kind, the speedy gained instantaneous achievement with the first dealer signing up for the program within the equal month to get the primary Trader Account.

We released our assessment Prop Trading software in March of 2021 and won immediately success with our market main earnings splits and conditions.Since then our enterprise has grown considerably to over 120000 traders from 80 nations. We currently execute over 500 yards (500 billion notional) of monthly extent and have hundreds of funded traders who’ve passed the evaluation phases.

My the Forex market Funds rebrands with a new internet site and brand set. The bull of My the Forex market Funds shows the bullish nature of the business enterprise and its increasing boom and electricity. With over 2000 new customers in keeping with day the employer appears to keep its bullish trajectory and move-line offerings to grow to be the market leading the Forex market Prop Firm.

My the Forex market Funds launches full product automation for its Trader accounts and a brand new Forex Prop Trading dashboard. Automation will increase the companies’ growth and market share. Forex Prop Traders can now get their Trader account right away once they purchase a Prop Trading software..

My Forex Funds is one of the leading Forex Prop Trading Firms. With over 300 staff world-wide and 2000+ customers per day from around the globe, it has cemented itself as a market leader. My Forex Funds is currently working on expanding its business into similar niches to offer Funded trading accounts to more people who wish to benefit from their skills.

Our company is interested in assisting buyers, supporting them grow so that we will grow with them. We try to offer programs, services and statistics that assists people inquisitive about the FOREX, CFD’s or commodities markets to grow to be more profitable, self-sustainable and efficient when buying and selling.

We care approximately our human beings that’s why we consult with all of our investors along with the ones who have now not entered one in all our applications as the MFF Family and welcome them with open fingers and speak must they desire to embark on their profession to end up a expert trader.